What are the threats? From where we can start? Are we ready?
In the last few years, malware has shifted the focus of the digital security concerns around the world, causing corporate losses of millions of dollars. Nevertheless, they are failing to keep pace with this evolution, unfortunately.
Source: NTT - SERT
Infections on computers and mobiles have been increasing year after year, even while corporations continue devoting a significant budget to purchase products for protecting their data.
Therefore, what is wrong? Would your systems already be infected? Would it be possible that attackers are already controlling your machines?
Alexandre Borges, Blackstorm Security CEO, has been conducting lectures about critical security topics in DEFCON (2018). Bsides, companies, universities and teaching for years. Doubtless, these sessions are indispensable to the Red/Blue Teams and CISO's:
Malware Detection and Analysis.
Memory Analysis.
Digital Forensic Analysis.
Reverse Engineering.
Development of Exploits in Windows.
Analysis of Malicious Documents (PDF/Office).
Digital Security Awareness.
These lectures above have technical content and aim to offer a contemporary view on the subject in addition to the most important thing: they reflect real information and practice on these topics.
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