How can your company defend against most relevant digital threats of this century?

How can I know whether my team is ready?

Whom does understand enough for teaching us?
Malware, Rootkit, Virus
(Blackstorm CEO)

DEFCON #26 - 2018
Blackstorm operations are regarded as devastating military operations, where maximum power is used for aiming solely the victory.

Therefore, I named my company as Blackstorm because this definition represents my commitment of total dedication and effort, which are consequence of daily researches and updates, every single day, no resting.
Alexandre Borges
CEO - Owner
David B.Svaiter
A certified professional is not enough, because it is necessary that he/she is active in the field, with vast and extensive practical experience and constant theoretical update.

The Blackstorm Security is considered as a reference and an unanimity when anyone talks about malwares and ransomwares. Seriousness and competence that exceed what we are used to see in the market.

Not by accident, I quickly made the Blackstorm Security our business partner.
We brought Alexandre as a speaker at our information security event and the presentation was a success.

With deep knowledge of the subject, he communicated very well the message and the importance of the subject in the company.
Wilson Luiz Matar
Luiz H.Barbosa (Cabuloso)
Alexandre is an excellent researcher who knows several security technologies and techniques, demonstrates great mastery, focus, innovation and extreme passion for this, so complex, area of knowledge.

I have no doubt in pointing out Alexandre Borges for any work in Cybersecurity, even in the most complex technical activities.

I hope to do more training and tasks, together with this great professional.
Alexandre Borges is an experient security professional and a reference when it comes to reverse engineering and malware analysis.

Endowed with outstanding savvy, Alexandre has a deep knowledge about how systems work and is capable of defeating even the most advanced malware.
Cassius Puodzius
I attended one of the Blackstorm workshops. The extensive material had a lot of practice contents through examples, and the dynamics included presentation and practice, which made the course flow positively and with less fatigue.

Alexandre has full knowledgement and the approach was quite clear, understandable and objective, even on complex subjects. In addition, Alexandre maintained the concern with the good understanding of all, demonstrating not only knowledge but excellent didactics.
CDS SecInfo Division Chief
Excellent workshop, surpassing my expectations on several fronts: material, didactics and, about the instructor, we do not need to talk about him too much, his experience already sums it all up.

It provides an experience, giving to you logical and technical mechanisms to achieve a sufficient basis to analyze the threats in modern documents and to go further with these concepts.

Are your Blue-Team and Red-Team really ready?

It is an illusion to think that tools are enough - and all statistics prove it.

Learn how to detect and discover beyond the walls.

All malwares leave traces and you can learn how get them.

What are the threats? From where we can start? Are we ready?

High-level technical lectures and consulting suitable for your needs.
Information Security. A MUST in any company nowadays.
But how to solve that dare? The are so many needs . . .
Yes! I just need those security tools that promise unlimited protection to all digital threats, anytime and everywhere!
Problem solved! It has never been so easy. . .
But why are malware and hackers always successful?
Because they KNOW your systems . . .
. . . while you ONLY utilize tools.
They plan and aim their targets . . .
. . . while you ONLY utilize tools.
They use the intelligence and analysis . . .
. . . while you ONLY utilize tools.
How get different results if you're following always the same recipe?
Change the game!   Transform yourself!
Utilize the same methodology:  knowledge!
We CAN help you . . .

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Count on us for the right guidance, from who have extreme practical experience in solving problems.

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