Blackstorm Security offers certification exams for its courses.

The goal is to prove that professionals who attended our training courses are actually ready to perform analysis of real world scenarios, artifacts and malware samples.
Important information about Blackstorm Security Certifications:
Network Threat Analysis + IR/Threat Hunting 1 exams: Blackstorm Threat Hunter Professional.
IR/Threat Hunting 2 exam: Blackstorm Threat Hunter Expert.
Malicious Document Analysis + Malware Analysis 1 exams: Blackstorm Reverse Engineering Associate.
Malware Analysis 2 exam: Blackstorm Reverse Engineering Professional.
Malware Analysis 3 exam: Blackstorm Reverse Engineering Expert.
Android Reversing + iOS/MacOS Reversing example: Blackstorm Mobile Reverse Engineering.
Pass Score: 75%
It's necessary to attend the respective Blackstorm Security course before applying to any certification exam.